Working from home? Let Howsy Concierge help!

With much of the country now working from home, more and more of us are finding ourselves at a loss as to how to manage the demands of combining home and work life.

If you are reading this with your laptop balanced precariously on the arm of your sofa, or leaning uncomfortably against a kitchen worktop, fighting for space with the kettle and toaster, the Howsy Concierge team has a solution for you.

Our team can help arrange for a dedicated workspace to be delivered directly to your home. Our series of space-saving workstations are designed to seamlessly fit into the smallest space, and help provide a clean and clear space for you to work-from-home productively, for as long as necessary.

We understand that many people may only be looking for a short-term solution, and have a range of products available instantly, for just three months. All prices include free delivery within five days, installation and a free White Chair. All products are easily cleanable.

Larry Desk

Larry Desk
White Chair
Months Subscription3612
Cost per month £30£25£21

 Price includes free delivery within 5 days + Installation + White Chair*. (London area only).

Charles Desk with drawer

Charles desk with drawer
White Chair
Months subscription3612
Cost per month£39£30£25

Price includes free delivery within 5 days + Installation + White Chair*. (London area only).

What if my needs change?

As well as providing you with great looking home office, the benefits of Howsy Concierge mean that you can switch up the look of your furniture when the seasons change! With new looks being introduced all the time, we can switch your old Howsy Concierge furniture and deliver you a new set at the end of your term. Collection and delivery are free, so there’s no additional cost to keep your look fresh, and your desk fresher!  

I love the desk! Can I keep the furniture?

Howsy Concierge is a furniture rental service, so generally speaking you don’t keep the furniture, although on our 12-month plan, the much-loved White Chair is free to keep. Our styles change all the time, and there may even be a desk you love more just around the corner, many Howsy Concierge customers love the service as a great way to experiment with the look of their property every few months! However, if you find that your desk and chair fit your property so perfectly you simply can’t let them go, speak to the team and we can provide a final payment quote.

How do I get started?

Howsy Concierge is a furniture rental service, so we have to tick the box to make sure you are suitable to proceed before signing up. As a Howsy customer, the checks we conducted when you signed up with us should cover this off, so there should be nothing holding us back from getting started. If there are any additional paperwork, it shouldn’t take any time at all and can all be carried out remotely, our team will be happy to help

If you’re fed up sitting on the carpet, working on the coffee table, contact the Howsy Concierge Team today on [email protected] to see how we can help.

Terms and Conditions

The *White Chair is provided at no additional charge. The White Chair is free to keep on our 12-month plan or we’ll collect it as normal for free, along with the desk, on our 3 or 6 month plan. Please note this is a furniture rental plan. Unless specifically stated all furniture will be collected (for free) at the end of the term. All offers are subject to availability and approval.