In full bloom: Top tips to letting in the spring

Don’t speak too soon, but there are signs that spring may finally be on it’s way…

As people’s thoughts turn to hazy summer evenings in the garden and plenty of Bank Holiday’s coming up, this time of year traditionally sees a significant increase in lettings activity, as tenants look to start planning a move.

But, as the market picks up, what can you do to make sure that your property stands out online? Check out our top tips for maximising your property’s potential this spring!

Set to the spring cleaning!

Freshening up a property before letting is always a good idea. Once your existing tenants have moves out, it’s wise to take a critical look at the property, empty is you can, and see if there are any areas that could do with a little attention. A lick of paint or some fresh sealant in a bathroom can make a huge difference, and lift a property from looking a little tired, to sparkling new again.

In a busy market, making sure your property looks as good as it can is key. It is unlikely that a tenant will want to settle for a slightly scruffy option, if there is a property down the road that is as neat as a new pin. A little time now can save plenty spent languishing on the portals!

Don’t neglect the garden

If your outside space survived the recent storms, it is likely to be in need of a little post-winter TLC. A great harden is a huge plus point for many tenants, so if you have outside space, make sure it is working as hard as it can for you. Before any photographs are taken, make sure that the grass is freshly cut, shrubs are trimmed and any leaves swept up – and if there is space that is ideal for a table or BBQ it can be a good idea to pop one in place, to suggest how the space can be used.

Make the most of your hard work

Once your property is looking at it’s very best, it is important to show it off! Think of your portal advert as an online shop window – a great set of professional photos will really help showcase your property, whereas a fuzzy mobile phone shot (possibly with added thumb) might not have quite the same impact!

A professional photographer will understand exactly how to frame the perfect image, showing off exactly the details that your prospective tenant will need to see. Nobody needs to see a loo on an advert, but plenty may be interested in whether there is a shower or bath…

This time of year is a great time for capturing images. Throughout the winter everything can look a little dark, drab and miserable, but with bright sunshine streaming through the windows, your property (and garden!) will look great.

Sell the lifestyle in your description

Creating the perfect description for your advert can feel like a bit of a mountain to climb… there’s so much to say, but you don’t want to waffle!

Don’t forget that your tenant is likely to have found your property through a search feature, discounting anything that does not meet their non-negotiable requirements.

A short list of key features highlights the immediate ‘need to knows’, such as bedroom/bathroom numbers, location and parking availability, however there is plenty of scope to go into more detail.

Your description is a great place to highlight anything that really makes your property stand out from the crowd, and help sell your prospective tenants the lifestyle that they could enjoy if they lived there. For example, if there’s a great local park right next door, mention it. If there’s a private south-facing garden that gets the sun all day, you’ve got a huge selling point. If you are smack-bang on top of an Underground station making commuting into central London a breeze, let them know.  

Take advantage of longer days

With your property looking great, and your advert showcasing what a dream lifestyle can be had living there, you’ll soon have people queuing up to view.

With the clocks going forward at the end of the month, we’ll soon have an extra hour of the day to utilise. As evenings get lighter, you can make the most of this extra time by conducting viewings in the evenings, outside of working hours, and still get the benefit of them seeing the property in the daylight, when it’s looking it’s very best.