Important changes to the Right to Rent Guide

The government today has updated the Right to Rent guide which landlords supply to their tenants. The last right to rent guide was updated in 2019 and it’s vital that landlords provide tenants with the latest right to rent guide.

When a landlord is letting out a property, it’s important that they provide their tenants with a copy of the right to rent guide. The reason for this is that if you need to serve your tenants with a Section 21 notice to evict them, it may be invalid and tenants can contest this if a right to rent guide hadn’t been given to them. 

This can cause serious issues for landlords down the line if you need to evict tenants. Our advice is to check out the latest right to rent guide and to pass this on to any tenants before they move in to the property. 

A section 21 notice can’t be served if tenants were never given:

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are a number of restrictions in place around evictions. Discover more on the government website.