10 Christmas decoration ideas for renters

After the year we’ve all had what better way to bring some joy into your life by going all out for Christmas. Making your home festive and cosy can lift your spirits and add a little touch of sparkle to your world. On those dark winter days, there’s nothing cosier than being at home surrounded by a twinkling tree, the smells of Christmas and staying snug. 

If you’re in a rented property, there may be a few things you’ll need to consider before you turn your house into santa’s grotto. We’ve put together a few key things to consider when decorating your property so you keep your property in great condition and will still leave the walls and your deposit fully intact. 

Oh Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is without a doubt the star of the show. If you’re currently in an apartment and are lacking space, there’s some lovely potted trees you can get for smaller spaces with lights and decorations on them. You can get these from most supermarkets and garden centres. You could also jump on the branch decorating bandwagon, where you just decorate a branch? Either way, you don’t need an 8ft spruce to feel festive. 

If you prefer a real tree then measure the area first where it will be. Dragging a real tree in and stuffing into a tight corner can end up damaging the place, plus needles falling into the woodwork and scratching the floors. If you don’t want the hassle, you can get some lovely artificial trees dusted in snow that look lifelike. For minimum hassle have you seen the pop up artificial trees? Now that is a game changer! 


If you have a fireplace, this is another place to make into a focal point. Place a garland on top of the fireplace with lights strung over it. If you want to add stockings, place some metal hooks into the garland to hang the stockings from without needing to hammer any nails into the fireplace. 

A beautiful garland trailing up the banister or over a door always looks very classic and stunning and helps to bring the festivities throughout the house. All you need to do is simply wrap them around the banister and rest on top of the edge of a door but if they do need to stay in place. You can easily add some pine cones, bows or lights to the garlands too and make a more inexpensive garland look more grand.


You can also feel Christmassy with different scents and this can add to the Christmas ambience. Check in your tenancy agreement to see if you can have candles before you have them planted throughout your house. To be on the safe side, you could place in the hallway winter potpourri full of cinnamon spices, dried fruit and berries to heighten the senses. You can even buy mulled wine and gingerbread room diffusers and air fresher too.  

Credit: Annie Spratt

Light up your life

At Christmas, sparkling fairy lights on the tree, fireplace and throughout your home is beautiful but they can also be a hazard and can cause fires due to overheating. Lights shouldn’t be left on for long periods of time and not overnight. It’s a good idea to look at getting some battery powered fairy lights. If you want to go all out and have outdoor lights too, you could also end up running a massive bill, so perhaps look at using a light projector instead. You can have snowflakes, santas and elves lighting up your home and giving it a festive feel. This can also be used indoors so consider something such as this rather than placing stickers on windows and leaving marks. 

Bring the outdoors in

Bring nature indoors and create some beautiful decorations . When you’re next out walking, keep an eye out for pinecones, holly and mistletoe. You could spray pine cones with gold spray and place in a decorative bowl as a cute coffee table centrepiece. Holly will also look lovely woven into a wreath or your garland too.

Be on Point-settia

With it’s red and green colour nothing says Christmas like a poinsettia. They instantly add a festive touch to a bookshelf, bedside table or hallway. 

Deck the walls 

Be careful about wall damage and ensure your decorations don’t leave marks. Avoid as much as possible nails, screws, paint, stickers and tape to hang up decorations. Command tape is a better way to hang up any decorations. If you want to display cards, rather than blu tacking them to the wall or doors, you could use a card holder or a hang ups christmas card holder which is a damage free way of displaying cards.  

A Cosy ho ho home

Christmas is all about feeling warm and fuzzy and there’s no simpler way to do this then making your home really cosy. Think faux fur throws, knitted cushions or chunky cashmere blankets sat on the armrest ready to wrap you up.

Get crafty 

It’s often the living room that gets all the Christmas love but it’s good to have a sprinkle of Christmas magic throughout the house. In the kitchen, you could use jars and vases in a new way and get creative. Fill them up with candy canes, gingerbread men and Christmas cookies. 

Credit: Debbie Hudson

The Main Event

On Christmas day, everyone will sit around the table so it can become a real festive centrepiece. Firstly, place a tablecloth or table runner on the table. It doesn’t matter if your table has gone beyond shabby chic, you can cover it up and add plenty of table decorations. Consider having a centerpiece on the table or at different ends of the table (depending on how big it is) such as some wreaths, stunning candle holders too with some Christmas candles in them. You could then cover your chairs with a range of different covers. The santa’s hat one is a fave! When it’s time to set the table, just a few little touches will make the difference – a festive napkin with a holder, Christmas crackers nestled in each place and of course, bring out the best festive cutlery and crockery. 


We hope you’re feeling festive and your home is super cosy. Have a great Christmas!